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Global expertise. Efficient solutions.

Global expertise. Efficient solutions.

The AIL Group of Companies brings a world of resources to the design, manufacture, delivery and installation of efficient infrastructure solutions. Our innovative products and dependable services have supported successful projects in the transportation, public works, mining, development and forestry sectors since 1965.

The AIL Group's corporate headquarters are located in Sackville, New Brunswick, Canada, with a network of technical sales teams, engineering departments, manufacturing plants and distribution centers across Canada and in the United States. AIL International's technical sales team and the operations of The AIL Group's licensees in Australia, Europe and Asia help extend our global reach.

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April 15, 2014

AIL International aligns with Algonquin Bridge to grow exclusive Canadian distributorship of Mabey Modular Panel Bridges.

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AIL (Atlantic Industries Limited)

Headquartered in Dorchester, New Brunswick, Canada, with sales offices and plants across Canada, Atlantic Industries Limited is an award-winning innovator of engineered solutions in structural plate, MSE retaining walls, sound barrier walls, prefabricated bridges and corrugated pipe.

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AIL Sound Walls

AIL Sound Walls is a division of Atlantic Industries Limited (AIL) and the designer/manufacturer of lightweight and cost-effective PVC sound barrier wall systems that are sold worldwide through a network of affiliated dealers.

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Big R Bridge

Big R Bridge, the largest US manufacturer of prefabricated bridges, is based in Greeley, Colorado, with plants in Fort Worth, Texas and Abingdon, Virginia. Big R provides engineered solutions in bridges, structural plate, MSE retaining walls, and corrugated pipe.

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Vist-A-Wall Systems

Vist-A-Wall Systems is a division of Big R Bridge and an innovator in engineered MSE retaining wall solutions that deliver design and construction efficiencies in various types of retaining wall and bridge abutment systems.

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Algonquin Bridge

Based in Minesing, Ontario, Algonquin Bridge, designs and supplies a wide range of steel bridge products and crossing solutions across Canada and beyond.

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AIL International

The AIL International Division is committed to developing global markets by seeking opportunities and supporting strategically-located partners and licensees.

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AIL Mining

With an international team of technical sales representatives and engineers, the AIL Mining Division provides engineered solutions to the global mining industry in structural plate, MSE retaining walls, prefabricated bridges and corrugated pipe.

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